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Embrace life

Embrace life

Glide on the winds.
Dive in the reef

South Bank is a collection of extraordinary homes, nestled into the landscape and intimately connected to the ocean. This resort and marina development is situated on Long Bay Beach, where stunning natural beauty abounds and life underwater are embraced. South Bank is home to world-class kiteboarding and famed nearby diving reefs. With its south-eastern trade wind and warm shallow waters, Long Bay makes the ideal beach for novices and advanced kiteboarders to surf the clear shores. From this kiter’s paradise above the water, dive beneath the surface and discover a vibrant underwater world in one of the world’s largest coral reef systems.

Caicos Bank
and the Wall

The famous islands of Turks and Caicos are protrusions of two large underwater plateaus. Providenciales is situated within The Caicos Bank, the largest of the two plateaus, covering an expanse of nearly 1,700 square miles where the water is less than 20 feet deep. From South Bank on Long Bay Beach, the clear waters stretch for miles. The expanse of these warm shallow waters abruptly plunges 6,000 feet, deep into the underwater world of the Atlantic ocean. This dramatic drop off is referred to as the ‘wall’, and this is where the spectacular coral formations begin. Dive beneath the surface and visit this incredible underwater world, home to shoals of tropical fish and fascinating larger species from majestic rays to friendly turtles.

Beneath the
sparkling surface

The Turks and Caicos Islands encompasses one of the world’s biggest coral barrier reef system, the second-largest in the Western Hemisphere. A world-recognised underwater destination, teeming with varied ocean life. Some of the best dive sites of the Caicos islands archipelago are those located near French Cay and West Caicos, each under an hour from the Marina at South Bank by boat. The deep wall and position on the southern aspect of Providenciales means the wall is more exposed to the sun, providing more vivid corals and brighter light to explore by.

From your home at South Bank, open the door to your private dock or take a stroll to the resort marina, where fully equipped boats await to take you on an ocean adventure. Set off and after a relaxing journey, suit up and take the dive into a colourful world of enchanting reef fish. As you explore the pristine waters, embrace this special opportunity to witness some of the larger species of the Atlantic; resident sea turtles in their natural habitat, elegant eagle rays gliding beneath your feet and memorable encounters with some magnificent reef sharks. As you surface, you can fully appreciate the island’s reputation as one of the worlds’ finest dive destinations.

Door to

After an exciting day exploring the ocean, return to your private dock and haven home at South Bank. Retreat to the outdoor lounge and soak up the last rays on a comfortable recliner with a refreshing drink in hand, before heading out to enjoy a delicious meal with friends to regale tales from another wonderful day. Or end the day on a sporty note by paddle boarding or kayaking through the calm and untouched waters of Juba Sound directly adjacent to South Bank.

Call South
Bank home

The first release introduces three neighborhoods – The Ocean Estate I, comprised of 8 oceanfront properties (DuneBanks and Shoal Villas), The Lagoon I, where the first twelve Lagoon Villas are available, and The Launch, featuring 1, 2 or 3 bedroom Boathouses.