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An architectural
vision of community

An architectural
vision of community

An idyllic island retreat. South Bank is not just about building exquisite homes on the shores of Long Bay, it is about building an architectural vision of community. Six neighborhoods will work harmoniously, and independently, creating an inclusive and vibrant residential resort & marina destination. South Bank is where like-minded spirits can come together to relax and enjoy the natural beauty, turquoise waters and world-class amenities.

A group of diverse individuals, united by their love of the water.


Architectural design must be inspired by a sense of place, but also a sense of people. It’s about creating a place to live, a place to relax and most importantly perhaps, a place where you can be you. The philosophy for South Bank is to create a sense of relaxed sophistication, and this has inspired the architecture, as well as the ethos and brand of the resort.


Blee Halligan, the architects bringing South Bank to life, have created a culture through contemporary architecture. By immersing themselves in the location, exploring the interests of potential residents and developing the best use of space, these properties do not merely function as luxury homes, but enhance the lifestyles of the people within them. The essence of casual beach and waterfront living is captured in each neighborhood, while the layout and design options ensure each home will have its own character.

“The architecture acts as a finely-tuned frame for living. The concept was that the architecture is not just a beautiful object but a carefully designed home adapted to the needs of the owner. The homes at South Bank amplify a sense of place, enhance a connection to the water and reinforce the ritual of day-to-day family life.”
Greg Blee | Blee Halligan


Each of the six neighborhoods are designed according to the specific topography and geology of the rugged natural terrain. While The Ocean Estate and The Lagoon feature freestanding villas, The Launch offers a village-style community with 38 Boathouses with a unique relationship to the water thanks to boat docks located directly on the back terrace – a first in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

The Boathouses are arranged in groups of no more than ten, to create a welcoming yet peaceful atmosphere where everything is at hand. These contemporary townhouses surround a central entertainment area, designed as an extension of the villas to create a cohesiveness in design and materiality. With pool, loungers, hammocks and BBQs embedded in a landscaped garden, this area supports a lively social community and relaxed family life. With one to three bedrooms set over two to three floors, some homes have the option for a roof terrace, while all boast an outdoor dining deck suspended over the water and stunning views over the Juba Sound, the marina, mangroves and Caicos Bank beyond.

A place
to be you

When you enter a South Bank home, you are subtly guided through the space where light and shadow play, and natural materials create warmth and interest. The Boathouses have a reduced chic aesthetic encouraging a sense of calm and serenity. Beyond your beautiful home, there is so much to enjoy with the boating facilities instantly accessible, and the local café and restaurant by foot. The gym, spa and lounging peninsula are a short stroll away. Life in the village is perfect for those who love a peaceful home life with the entertainment and community spirit of village life right on their doorstep.

By living at South Bank, through the thoughtful architectural design, you gain an enhanced awareness and respect for the landscape and natural beauty of the island; the very reason so many are drawn to this beautiful part of the world in the first place.

The first releases are within three of the six neighborhoods: The Launch, The Ocean Estate I and The Lagoon I. After the introduction of these homes, The Point, The Ocean Estate II and The Lagoon II will follow to complete the South Bank community. Each neighborhood will be accessible through their own gated entrances, with resort and villa management by Grace Bay Resorts making ownership as effortless and enjoyable as possible.