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The beauty
of Long Bay

The beauty
of Long Bay

A passion for the water
and love of the Caribbean

Long Bay, on the south-east side of Providenciales, is a place for those with a passion for the water and a love of the Caribbean way of life. Its allure lies in the rugged beauty of its coastline; the cool south-eastern trade wind that sends adventurers on their way; and the laid back lifestyle it inspires.

Long Bay

Think of Long Bay, and immediately the ocean springs to mind. Turks and Caicos is well known across the world for the turquoise hues lapping at its shores, with Long Bay Beach displaying colors you will only find in this special place. Shallow for miles across the Caicos Bank and clear enough to see the sand between your toes, it is a playground for the whole family, whether they’re learning to kitesurf, paddleboard or simply swim with the colourful marine life. More experienced watersports enthusiasts and boaters can enjoy venturing further out to sea where the waters are stirred gently by the local wind; and coral reefs teeming with life, an ancient shipwreck and hidden caves are ripe for exploring.

Long Bay’s
natural beauty

On the other side of the island, Grace Bay is lined with hotels, resorts and restaurants renowned for its lively atmosphere. While it maintains a friendly and laid back Caribbean charm, Grace Bay has a more curated and formal feel than life on Long Bay. Fewer sun admirers on the south side have meant that the stunning natural landscape has remained largely untouched, making it uniquely peaceful, as nature intended. South Bank will be a haven for those seeking a relaxed sophistication only this side of the island can provide; where architecture is influenced by place and celebrates the nature that surrounds, where adventurers find their calling – paddle boarding in the mangroves and snorkelling through vibrant waters across the banks. All of this enchanting Long Bay lifestyle is perfectly complemented by the expert service provided by the dedicated Grace Bay Resorts management team.