Overlooking the Sky Villas and Caicos Bank

The design mind behind Arc at South Bank
Piero Lissoni 

The design mind behind Arc at South Bank
Piero Lissoni 

Motivated by a desire for simplicity in design, Piero Lissoni, architect, art director, interior and product designer, has become a master of contemporary design over the years.



Windward’s vision for Arc was for something architecturally spectacular, a design worthy and respectful of its location and thoughtful of its residents. To fulfil their vision, Windward chose Piero Lissoni as the architect for Arc, the final community in South Bank. It was evident from the outset that Lissoni’s design philosophy would have a significant impact on more than just the building’s architecture.

“The partnership between developer and designer is a special and powerful connection. It is an honor to have our vision expanded upon and brought to life by one of the most respected designers of our time. Every design moment created here will be treasured by those who choose to make it home.” Ingo Reckhorn

Arc’s design perfectly embodies the bold vision of Windward and is destined to become a true icon for Providenciales.

©South Bank | The Arc | Aerial view of Arc

©South Bank | The Arc | Aerial view of Arc

Lissoni’s approach to design is all-encompassing, with a focus on creating a cohesive vision that unifies architecture, hard and soft landscaping, interiors, kitchens and bathrooms, surface finishes, fixtures and fittings. His signature style is evident throughout Arc resulting in a holistic and harmonious design that meets the needs of homeowners in a truly unique way.

As the creative director for iconic design brands, including B&B Italia, Boffi, Fantini, Living Divani, Lema, Lualdi, Porro, and Salvatori, Lissoni’s expertise extends to a wide range of products, a carefully curated selection of which will be featured in the interiors of the 17 Sky Villas at Arc.

“In my mind, I like the special, gentle atmosphere of architecture. When you’re there you don’t feel like you’re inside a building, you feel like you’re inside your own private villa.” Piero Lissoni

Read on to discover more about the inspiration behind Arc and what design moments one can expect to uncover within these spectacular residences.

A relationship to

Windward and Lissoni value innovation and creativity and recognize the unique charm of Providenciales’ South side. With a shared vision, they collaborated to create something exceptional and ground-breaking for this special location.

Lissoni delivered a design of something different, something unexpected, a design that would allow owners to settle into and enjoy the beauty of the Caribbean.

The concept, ‘a place of private villas’, comprises 17 individual villas resting between the building structure and the surrounding nature. Each Sky Villa has a private connection with the outside, the generous garden-like terraces occupying around half of the total space of each unit, with expansive doors making the transition between the internal and external spaces almost seamless.

Live South Bank | Arc Penthouse Interior

Live South Bank | Arc Penthouse Interior

“When you are in your villa, you are surrounded by the ocean and the sky.” Piero Lissoni

The private villas celebrate indoor/outdoor living styles and feature natural timbers, resembling elements of Caribbean architecture to enhance the design sensibility while providing privacy and shading. Each layer of the architecture cascades to the next with lush planting creating a connection to nature and a secluded outdoor oasis with dedicated pools. The combination of natural finishes, landscaping, and contemporary architecture encourages owners to become attuned to the environment, live beautifully and experience a sense of belonging..

Interiors – designing with simple lines and beautiful materials

The neutral interiors continue the clean architectural lines with a beautiful simplicity. Artfully combining natural materials and textures, the use of porcelain tiles, plasters, and timber creates a comfortable, sophisticated space that accentuates the intrinsic allure of the location. “Can you imagine as you open the windows, you are in front of one of the most beautiful seas in the world. In the end, we don’t need too much, we need only to put some beautiful carpet, simple chairs, that’s it.” Piero Lissoni

Lissoni’s attention to detail creates an exceptional living experience where every design element and finish has been thoughtfully curated and considered to support the overall vision. Owners can appreciate every design choice individually and as one cohesive space.

The kitchen design

Lissoni and Boffi

Boffi’s is a journey in search of a complete single entity, of refined taste and in continuous evolution. A way of living that’s recognizable.”Boffi Design Philosophy

©South Bank | Arc Kitchen Diner

©South Bank | Arc Kitchen Diner

The artistic direction for the kitchens in the Sky Villas shares a consistent theme of models, colors, and materials, yet each kitchen is uniquely designed to fit its space. Boffi’s iconic style and flexible collection support Arc’s beautiful simplicity design vision.

Selected from the Boffi collection are Piero Lissoni’s Combine and Xila by Luigi Massoni. The designs celebrate Italian craftsmanship and echo the design sensibilities of the overall concept.

Designed in 1972, Xila is a masterpiece of Italian design as the first kitchen available without handles. Sophisticated and textured, updated with modern materials, Xila is the perfect selection for Arc.

Lissoni’s Combine fuses a compact kitchen with a traditional kitchen island design. Its linear and monolithic blocks create a formal look while providing flexibility in composition for each unique space.

Integrated with Boffi, all kitchen appliances are by Gaggenau. Exuding sophistication and elegance, Gaggenau harmoniously blend practicality and aesthetics to create visually stunning and functionally exceptional appliances.

The harmonious combination of kitchen collections in their shared minimal aesthetic with carefully selected tactile finishes defines a sophisticated cooking and dining space for Arc owners.

The bathroom design

A place of sanctuary, the bathrooms, exude understated elegance. Natural finishes extend into the space, with hand-selected items creating design moments throughout.

Salvatori – Selected by Lissoni

We believe stone is an incredible gift of nature, and with the right touch can be extraordinarily elegant and contemporary.”
– Salvatori Design Philosophy



The bathroom vanities are crafted from Crema d’Orcia, a natural limestone exclusive to Salvatori, finished with selected oak veneer drawer fronts. The powder room basin, also in Crema d’Orcia has a warm bright hue set in a ribbed, rich walnut surround.

Salvatori finishes tend towards subdued, matte finishes, just as stone is found in its natural habitat. This respect for the natural lends itself entirely to Arc’s design vision.

Antonio Lupi – Selected by Lissoni

We work every day with passion so the bathroom in the future home becomes a space for experience. A tailored space, tailored to body and soul, because man is the center of all our projects.” – Antonio Lupi Design Philosophy

The bath, Eclipse in Cristalplant is a refined interpretation of an organic style. The pure white tone in its soft lines beautifully blends functionality and elegance in this statement bathroom piece.

A beautifully crafted piece, a monolithic form, well-defined in every detail. In addition to giving identity to Arc’s bathroom, it also provides a functional aspect for relaxation with a sophisticated shelf perfectly integrated into the bath’s edge.

Fantini and Lissoni

A wide range of formal and expressive languages, intentionally very different from each other but united by a thin common thread that can be defined as “contemporaneity” and by other more subtle formal characteristics – a certain lightness, a non-trivial elegance, a formal gentleness – that constitute the recognised characteristic of so-called “fantinity”.” – Fantini Design Philosophy

The Piero Lissoni-designed Fantini fixtures in matte black create a bold and elegant contrast to Duravit’s Philippe Starck ME range of sanitaryware. AL/23 by Piero Lissoni is sleek and minimalist, recalling the basics of fountains and industrial engines, engineered to be practical, tactile, and efficient. The clean and simple design of the faucets and shower system fit naturally into Arc’s interiors.

Uninterrupted views

©South Bank | Residences | Sky Villa | Arc Penthouse

One design

It is a rare opportunity to own a home where the design has been personally crafted and curated by a master of contemporary design.

The design journey began with the overarching architectural vision for Arc and the private villa living concept of the Sky Villas.

Lissoni’s design excellence extends to every aspect of Arc. Cultivating simplicity, functionality and beauty to create spaces of wonder. With a philosophy to design not for specific function but for humans, his distinctive style and affable manner is felt in every aspect of Arc.

Discover elevated beachfront living, by Piero Lissoni.